About Us

The People's Press Conference is a weekly attempt to center the voices of those most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For XX weeks, Gov. Hutchinson has dominated the news cycle. On Monday June 1, 2020, the people take back the microphone.

Our Demands

In response to the state's lack of action, we are demanding that Governor Asa Hutchinson take immediate actions to protect our friends, family, and loved ones trapped inside the criminal injustice system.

Get Involved

We need your help.

Each week we will release actions steps that the public can take to help us demand justice for vulnerable Arkansans.

This Week's Action Steps

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Watch the Press Conference

Watch the Press Conference
live or after the fact on our Youtube Channel.

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Sign Onto the Demands

We are more powerful together.

Please read our demands in full and then sign on to our demand letter as an individual or organization.

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Share Online

Help us spread the word and create public pressure online, by tweeting, posting, and sharing.

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Contact The Governor

Email and call Governor Asa Hutchinson and asks that he meet our demands.

  (501) 682-2345

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