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We use phone, email, fax, and social media zaps as a way of showing solidarity and demanding justice for people in prison. 


What is a Zap?

A "zap" is a form of political direct action designed to apply pressure to individuals and institutions of power through targeted phone calls, faxes, emails, and social media posts. DecARcerate utilizes zaps to advocate on behalf of people who are currently incarcerated. Subscribe to our email list and social media channels to be notified of future zaps.

What is a Cluster?

A "cluster" is a small group of volunteers responsible for helping spread the word about the zap and organize participants. Send us an email to learn about being a part of a future cluster.

Ongoing Zaps

Send us an email to suggest a zap on behalf of someone who is incarcerated. 
Please note that we only host zaps with the consent of the incarcerated individual(s) who would be impacted.

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