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As the number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus continues to grow, fears are rightfully sparking around the impact this pandemic will have on already marginalized and vulnerable groups of people. The danger of infection is particularly high for those held hostage by the carceral state who already endure
sub-standard and limited access to healthcare.

Together we must demand decarceration and abolition, as a strategy of public health to combat COVID-19, and as a public health strategy long term, for the health of our country.



We believe that decarceration is the only moral response.​ Please consider reaching out to Governor Hutchinson, the Board of Corrections, and the Parole Board and urge them to follow the advice of public health experts and save lives by reducing Arkansas’s prison population. Before reaching out, we recommend taking some time to review our demands and talking points. 

Governor Asa Hutchinson
Phone: (501) 682-2345

Email: asa.hutchinson@governor.arkansas.gov

Benny Magness, Chairman
Arkansas Board of Corrections
Phone: 870-267-6754

Email: shari.gray@arkansas.gov

Note: We recommend  emailing Benny Magness through Shari Gray (Administrative Assistant to the Arkansas Board of Corrections).

John Felts, Chairman
Arkansas Board of Parole
Phone: (501) 682-3850

Email: Brooke.Cummings@arkansas.gov

Note: We recommend emailing John Felts through Brooke Cummings (Executive Administrator of the Parole Board).

Wendy Kelley, Secretary

Department of Corrections

Phone: (870) 267-6200

Email: DOC.Secretary@arkansas.gov