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As the number of people diagnosed with the coronavirus continues to grow, fears are rightfully sparking around the impact this pandemic will have on already marginalized and vulnerable groups of people. The danger of infection is particularly high for those held hostage by the carceral state who already endure sub-standard and limited access to healthcare.​ Together we must demand decarceration and abolition, as a strategy of public health to combat COVID-19.


Reduce the number of people who are incarcerated or detained.​


Ensure that all
people who are incarcerated are housed in safe and sanitary conditions.


Provide prompt, responsive, and appropriate care
for all physical
mental health needs.


Enact policies that promote health and limits the spread of COVID-19 within jails and prisons.


Take action to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by staff and outside contractors.​


Don’t make this time more stressful for families than necessary.


Eliminate all unnecessarily
face-to-face contact for justice-involved people. 


Provide for maximum transparency.


our demands

In response to the state's lack of action, we are demanding that Governor Asa Hutchinson take immediate actions to protect our friends, family, and loved ones who are trapped inside the criminal injustice system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

take action

Locking people in a cage with a deadly virus is immoral.
Use the form on the right to email and/or tweet
Governor Asa Hutchinson. Together we must demand swift
and decisive action.