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Say NO to Gov. Hutchinson's 500 new cages!

This zap is being organized by decARcerate.

The Injustice

On Thursday, Feb 10th, Governor Hutchinson announced support of an expansion of 498 beds to the Calico Rock North Central unit as a response to the backup of state sentenced Arkansans being housed in county jails across the state. The project is slated to cost between $60 and $100 million and is made possible by the state’s billion-dollar surplus pending approval from the legislature.

Arkansas Board of Corrections Chairman Benny Magness said on Tuesday that a driver of the high cost was the ADC’s desire to create more “two-man” or “single man” cells rather than “barrack style” housing. These cells would amount to solitary confinement, a practice that has been recognized as a form of torture by the United Nations.

Call to Action

Contact Governor Asa Hutchinson

Call or email Governor Hutchison. Tell him that you strongly oppose the proposal to expand the prison at Calico Rock.

(501) 682-2345


Contact Your State Legislators

Contact your state legislators and tell them to oppose the proposal to expand the prison at Calico Rock.