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Inside Out
A Poetry Collection

Authors: Anthony Thrash, Isla Noble, John Luckett, Andre Lasker, Whitley Ousley, Ben McCarter “Benny Mac”, Shaunte Smith, Doris Ann McGee, Kenneth Slocum, Darcus Allen, April Derrick, Brandon Deshawn Lea Sr., Wayne Young, Heath Stocks, Brotha Knowledge of Self, Jamie Ross (Bobby Walker III), Francis Nolan Holland, Jeff Stanton, Ronnie Foster, Daniel Gonzales, Kelleye Marie Griger, Robert L. Williford, Willie Clay Smith, Undrea Jones, and Eric Lavell Hopkins 


Inside Out: A Poetry Collection is an anthology of work from incarcerated poets in Arkansas. Poets speak to the realities of life within the Arkansas Department of Correction and the carceral state at large. 


Hip Hop & Policing Cover Art.png



Hip Hop & Policing Cover Art.png

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